Jonas B/P900 R Industrial Floor Sweeper

Ride-on Vacuum Sweeper
Dust-free sweeping. Extremely economical. Whilst comfortably seated. Area performance, up to 7,200m² cleanliness/hour. Indoors and outdoors.

Technical DataHako Jonas P900 RHako Jonas B900 R
Drive Type B & S Petrol Engine Battery Driven
Total Capacity 4.9kW 1.35kW
Sweeping Width 700mm without side brush
950mm with 1 side brush
1200mm with 2 side brushes
700mm without side brush
950mm with 1 side brush
1200mm with 2 side brushes
Area Performance 4200m² without side brush 4200m² without side brush
Max. theoretical
5700m² performance with 1 side brush
7200m² with 2 side brushes
5700m² with 1 side brush
6000m² with 2 side brushes
Sweeping Speed up to 6km/h up to 6km/h
Length with Side Brush 1500mm 1500mm
Width 1000mm 1000mm
Overall Height 1330mm 1330mm
Weight, ready for operation 350kg -
Weight, with Drive Batteries - 440kg


The Hako Jonas B/P900 R offers the highest product quality and long machine life as a result of modern manufacturing processes and a strict quality assurance system. The Hako Jonas has been manufactured in accordance with the necessary CE guidelines (CE Conformity) and fulfills the European safety norms EN 60 204 and EN 60 335.

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