Hako Commercial Street Sweepers

Hako has been the big name in street maintenance for decades now, and for good reason. They make commercial street sweepers and scrubbers on every scale, and for every application. From the light and agile Profi Push Flipper Manual Sweeper, to the heavy duty dirt-munchers of the Powerboss ride- on range and on to the Citymaster range - cab- operated, and multi-appliance - Hako have proved again and again that they lead their field.

The sweepers and scrubbers in the Hako range are optimised for industrial and public utility use. They include:

• The Bearcat Power Vacuum. A favourite with councils and residential property managers. Powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine, the Bearcat walk behind sweeper is suited to clearing of leaves, grass and other light debris.

• The walk-behind Hamster series – with electric or petrol power, suited to indoor or outdoor use, the Hamster series even includes a carpet kit. The Hamster’s robust construction promises many years of trouble-free service.

• Hako’s Citymaster series of forward cabin outdoor street sweepers. These sweepers and scrubbers offer the ultimate in footpath and street maintenance. Powerful diesels, cabin air conditioning, single- handed appliance- changing and all-wheel steering make these machines the most effective on the market.

• The Jonas series of industrial floor sweepers. When manufacturing efficiency demands a floor surface you can eat your breakfast from, it just has to be a Jonas. Optional petrol or battery power and heavy duty construction, together with two hoppers, allow for extended periods of operation. Thorough sweeping of borders is assured by the two side brooms.

• Powerboss Industrial floor and street sweepers. These sweepers are suited to sweeping all kinds of plain surface floors, including warehouses, factories and heavy industrial sites, as well as outdoor applications like car parks, bicycle paths and playgrounds.



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