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Keeping industrial premises clean demands sweepers of the greatest possible agility and efficiency. Sweeping with the traditional broom and dustpan is not only laborious, but tends to raise as much dust as it collects. What’s needed is a light, powerful sweeping machine with tight turning capabilities that suppresses and collects all the dust it sweeps. And for many years now that has meant Hako, the German maker renowned for its quality of design and manufacture.

The Hako brand of industrial sweepers includes walk- behind and ride- on models suited to every scale of industrial activity. They are the culmination of decades of research, development, innovation and improvement.

At the smallest end of the scale, the HAKO Flipper Plus Push Sweeper can sweep up to 1300m2 in an hour, collecting and Next up is the Profi Flipper Push Sweeper, which enables a man to sweep up to 2300m2 per hour. Like the Flipper Plus, it’s a light and durable machine. And like to Flipper Plus, it suppresses dust, making it ideal for keeping small- to medium- sized premises spotlessly clean.

Next comes the powered walk- behind Hamster B500 Battery Floor Sweeper. Powered by a sturdy 24v electric motor, it has the largest hopper of its class and provides highly efficient dust control.

For indoor/outdoor maintenance of larger premises, the top- of- the- range Hamster B/P650 offers the option of a petrol engine for unrivalled productivity.

Deciding on the right Hako industrial floor sweeper for your needs requires a careful assessment, not just of the size of the floor you need to maintain, but of its accessibility. Your Tquip representative will be glad to help you.



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