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Fleet Line / MowMaster Line Markers

Tquip prides itself as a source of equipment for the professional grounds keeping operator. Fast, accurate linemarkers for grass and other playing surfaces is essential if users’ standards are to be met cost-effectively. Tquip supplies a complete range of Fleet line marking machines, from the hand-powered 3 inch Transfer Wheel machine to the ride on e-ROK. Machines we sell include: Kombi Line Marking machine The Kombi powered line marking machine has become a byword in the grounds keeping industry for crispness of line, ease of use and value for money. Used everywhere from local park playing fields to world premier sports grounds, the Kombi features the unique “standard knib”. This gives adjustable width to its clearly defined line. It has a heavy duty battery giving 8 hour run time. Designed to work with Fleet marking fluid, the Kombi mixes the paint efficiently with its 25 litre water supply. After marking is finished, the Kombi has a flushing function that washes the pump and nozzle, eliminating costly and irritating blockages. The Kombi is optimised as a line marker machine for:
  • Grass
  • Sand Filled Synthetic Turf
  • Sand Based Synthetic Turf
  • Rubber Crumb Based Synthetic Turf
  • Red Gra
  • Black Ash
  • Concrete and Tarmac (when used in conjunction with the Wheeled Knib

Fastliner Unit

Designed for mounting on a utility vehicle, the Fastliner has a 150 litre tank with moulded scale to assist efficient mixing and metering of paint. Paint is dispensed by a patented retractable, articulated arm which keeps the marking foot on the desired line at all times, while maintaining verticality. These features add up to the most cost efficient line marker machine in the market.


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