Lawn Aerators & Turf Top Dressers

Keeping your lawns and playing turf in top condition demands constant attention. It’s vital that lawn turf be regularly aerated, to break up compacted soil and thatch, and allow the permeation of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots below. Different turfs demand different aeration techniques, and your aeration machinery must be capable of meeting these requirements. In Addition to aeration, turf needs regular top dressing to ensure that the grass has all the nutrients it needs.

Lawn Aerators

For aeration, Tquip distributes the Toro range of ProCore lawn aerators. These towable soil aerators deliver consistent tine depth over undulating terrain. Swappable solid and cored tines, together with angulation control actuated from the tractor, allow for different cultivation practices within the same mission. Toro ProCore aerators offer a range of aeration swathes from 48 inches to 94 inches. There is also the Toro 686/687 Aerator, which is a great way to aerate large turf areas. 32 kg cast wheels, a weight of 644kg and a unique floating head design enable it to achieve consistent hole depth, while auxiliary rear weights are available to deal with especially compacted turf. Interested in learning more about what lawn aeration is, and how you can achieve the best possible results? Check out our Complete Guide to Lawn Aeration here.

Turf Top Dressers

Toro also make the ProPass series of self-powered turf top dressers. Forget the guesswork involved in calculating the spread of delivery. The ProPass top dressers use a broadcast style spreader, and a unique drop zone system to give an unprecedented degree of control over the spread pattern. The unique “walking beam” suspension ensures that all wheels are in contact with the ground at all times, even over the most undulating terrain, while even load distribution ensures a light footprint.


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