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At Tquip we’re proud of the line-up of world class makers of turf management equipment whose products we distribute to Perth’s golf clubs, sporting ground keepers and home- owners. Prominent among these is Toro, who make a comprehensive range of self-powered walk- behind and ride- on mowers. Optimised for the sporting grounds keeping role, they include models that are equally at home in the confines of the garden of the fastidious home gardener. Toro mowers are distinguished by the attention paid to every detail of their design. Always improving, the range has seen the following recent innovations: MYRIDETM Suspension System - Personalised Ride Setting – this provides a range of ride quality and height adjustments to enable each user to quickly configure the machine to their own preferences. TIMECUTTER® Zero Turn Tractor features. The most agile system on the market, Toro zero- turn mowers feature adjustable steering column rake, to allow optimal driver posture for accurate cutting. TORO® Premium OHV V-Twin cylinder engine. As well as the efficiency of the overhead valve configuration, the new engine features twin- barrel carburettor, self-cleaning air filter, quick drain oil hose and vacuum override choke. Recycler® All- wheel drive; transforms the walk- behind mower into a go- anywhere machine, able to handle undulating terrain and steep inclines with ease. Spin-Stop™ System – disengages the blades without shutting down the engine, allowing the operator to step away from the mower without needing to stop and restart it. Whether you’re a keen amateur or a professional turf care specialist, if you’re after that manicured look, there’s sure to be a Toro mower for you. Our service staff are factory trained to maintain your Toro on the rare occasions when it needs attention.


36 Abernethy Road
Belmont 6104
Western Australia

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