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In the world of street sweepers, Hako is the name to reckon with. And there’s a very good reason why a German company should make a class-leading range of small- to medium-sized city sweeping and cleaning machinery.

The Hako Citymaster range was created in a continent of ancient cities, many of them replete with narrow thoroughfares and restricted spaces. As a result, Hako’s smaller street sweepers score heavily in the turning circle stakes, with a turning radius significantly smaller than their own length! Driving positions are right over the work, giving unrivalled accuracy and manoeuvrability.

Other features of the Hako range of industrial sweepers include:

• Advanced dust- suppression watering system that wets the brush bristles, giving superior protection to nearby pedestrians. Used water is cleaned and recycled.

• Infinitely adjustable blower, to prevent damage to sand infill in bricked surfaces.

• In the Citymaster 300, the option to use standard wheelie- bins as hoppers – an elegant bit of lateral thinking.

But what really sets the Hako range apart is the maker’s commitment to excellence. Excellence in design and manufacture. And excellence in after-sales service, too – Hako aim at any time to have 98% of customer-ordered parts in stock, and T-quip’s service staff are factory trained to provide faultless maintenance.

The Citymaster range starts with the Citymaster 300, powered by a twin- cylinder, low-emission motor and with a hopper compatible with the standard wheelie-bin, and now superseded by the Citymaster 600 with its triangular quick change front mounted sweeping unit, which makes giving easy access to the vacuum head for servicing.

The ever popular Citymaster 1250 has been the workhorse of the Hako range. It’s still a favourite among councils, as it can be changed from sweeper to scrubber - a true multipurpose sweeper. Joining the Citymaster 1250 in 2016 is the Citymaster 1600, bringing a 1.3m3 hopper, large cab and 40kph travel speed. Like the 1250 the Citymaster 1600 is convertible in minutes from sweeper to scrubber

The range extends up to the Citymaster 2000, the street sweeper for those who need to cover a lot of territory - fast. The Citymaster 2000 has a 2.5m sweeping width, a fully enclosed cabin that seats two, and can travel between assignments at speeds of up to 50kph. Despite this, the operator remains located right up front, over the work. Like all the Citymasters, the 2000 features an array of attachment options, all changeable by a single operator. Coming in 2017, the top of the Citymaster range will be the new 2-m³-class Citymaster2200. With a top speed of 62 kph, nothing gets faster between jobs, and nothing cleans large public spaces as quickly.

The 2200’s large high-quality components meet the highest quality and durability standards. With a choice of two- or three-broom configuration, and with a dirt hopper capacity that is second to none in its class, the Citymaster 2200 deserves it reputation as the ultimate in municipal cleaning machinery.

Three-in-one: Sweeping, wet cleaning, winter service

In addition to its function as a professional sweeper, the Citymaster 2200 is extremely flexible in use. The quick-change system enables easy demounting of the sweeping technology so that the machine can be used for wet cleaning (sluicing, scrubbing) or winter service tasks (snow clearing, gritting).ABS and an optionally available differential lock provide safe working in icy and snowy conditions.

Safety standards of the highest level

Safety starts with the vehicle concept. When developing our products, we follow the same high standards that apply in the truck construction industry, which includes a safety concept for the driver’s cabin as well as disc brakes and ABS integrated into the hydrostatic drive. Daytime running light as a standard, large reflectors, bright LED flashing beacon … we do everything for the driver’s safety. In addition, all our vehicles are thoroughly tested, both for safety and durability.

Go for comfort

The cockpit of the Citymaster 2200 is designed to optimise the driver’s working conditions. Individually adjustable seating position, multiple adjustable steering wheel, large windows and CCTV camera combine to give maximum control and visibility. Add to that a powerful heating /air conditioning system and the option of heated windscreen/wing mirrors, and it’s clear that the Citymaster 2200 is perfectly prepared for all-season use.


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