TRILO Commercial Vacuum Sweepers and Verticutting Units

TRILO have been in the business of supplying agricultural machinery, like Vacuum Sweepers and VC Units since 1968. The company’s work in the agricultural machinery industry dates back much further, but it wasn’t until the late ‘60s that they started expanding into the technology we rely so heavily on today.

Over the years, their machinery has become renowned for its advanced capabilities, sturdy build, and ease of operation with superior functionality.

As such, T-Quip is pleased to introduce an exciting new range of Vacuum Sweepers and Verticutting Units by TRILO. This product range has been developed by TRILO and selected by T-Quip because each piece of machinery is optimised for both industrial and public utility use.

The selection we have available for purchase includes:

• The S-Series Vacuum Sweeper

• The TRILO S3 Vacuum Sweeper

• The S4 Vacuum Sweeper

• The TRILO 58-520 Vacuum Sweepers

• The VCU150, VCU200, and VCU240 Verticutting Units

You can view the complete collection below, or call the team at T-Quip on (08) 7444 4668 to learn more about each product’s specifications.



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