TRILO Verticutting Units

Dredging and thatching turf has never been easier. Whether you’re responsible for maintaining the greens at a golf club or in charge of turf maintenance in a commercial or industrial area, check out our new collection of TRILO Verticutting Units.

• The TRILO VCU150 Verticutting Unit has a working width of 1.5 metres, can be used behind a tractor of 22 HP, and has an easily adjustable verticutting depth. The cutter can easily handle a thatch layer up to four centremetres deep and comes with the option of adding floating wheels and flexible three-point linkage for even better contour following.

• Mounted on a robust steel frame, the TRILO VCU200 has similar features to the VCU150. However, the VCU200 has a wider working width of 2.0 metres and can be used behind a tractor from 25 HP.

• The TRILO VCU240, like its younger counterparts, boasts an easily adjustable verticutting length, the option of updating its contour closeness with floating wheels and flexible three-point linkage, and can easily handle a thatch layer of up to four centremetres deep. However, it has bee maximised to handle a working width of 2.4 metres and can be used behind a tractor from 30 HP.

Click on the products below to learn more about their specifications and uses, or contact us today for more information about purchasing a TRILO Verticutting Unit.


  • VCU150
    • Knive thickness: 2 mm Tungsten Tips or 3 mm Manganese steel
    • Weight: 248 kg
    • PTO: 540 RPM
  • VCU200
    • PTO: 540 RPM
    • Weight: 265 kg
    • Front roller diameter: Ø 120 mm
  • VCU240
    • Number of knives: 80
    • PTO: 540 RPM
    • Diameter knives: Ø 270 mm


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