TRILO Commercial Vacuum Sweepers

We stock a selection of TRILO’s leading Vacuum Sweepers that have been designed for contractors to meet varying needs and applications. From effective litter and grass collection and suitability in areas with low soil pressure and fast traffic conditions, we have a solution for any operational dilemma.

• The S Series Vacuum Sweeper is suitable for contractors that want to sweep litter, leaves, debris and grass, or even cut fine or rough grass. The sweeper boasts easy manoeuvrability and its design has been maximised to ensure a long lifespan and larger capacity, all with minimal maintenance.

• Our new product, the TRILO S3 is a compact and economical sweeper that suits areas with low soil pressure and comes equipped with a brush hood that brushes any grass and leaves together to streamline the vacuuming process. The sweeper follows the contours of the soil perfectly and has been built with replaceable parts to ensure it has a long lifespan.

• The TRILO S4 Vacuum Sweeper is a compact and economical sweeper that has large air-filled tyres that maximise performance in work areas that have low soil pressure. The sweeper can also be equipped with a braked axle that will make it suitable for use in faster traffic conditions.

For more information on any of our new TRILO Vacuum Sweepers, refer to the product listings below or call us on (08) 7444 4668 today.



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