Citymaster 2000 Outdoor Footpath & Street Sweeper

  • Powerful, uncompromising, compact sweeper
  • 74 kW (100HP) VW Turbo diesel engine
  • Hydrostatic Drive
  • 1.85 cubic metre capacity
  • Hydraulic hopper tipping up to 1450mm at an angle of 450 
  • Up to 2600mm sweeping width. 
  • 2 seat, 2 person air-conditioned cabin
  • Heat insulated, tinted, safety glass.
  • Pneumatically sprung seat.
  • Adjustable Steering Column.
  • Safely climbs up curbs and gutters.
  • Dynamic breaking system.
  • 2 x 900 mm diameter brushes.
  • 0-50 km/hour travel speed.
  • 0-15 km/hour working speed.
  • Power assisted front wheel steering with 4 wheel steering when sweeping.
  • Full registration light kit (registration at cost).
  • 78 dB(A) noise level at operator ear.

There’s a lot to do in the city. The Hako Citymaster 2000 sets new standards in terms of use and driver comfort. Connectible four-wheel drive, a sweeping width of up to 2,500 mm and a dirt hopper volume up to 1.85m3 with high dump as well as additional winter maintenance options guarantee that municipal tasks are managed perfectly all year round.


The Hako Citymaster 2000 with 2 brush system is a heavy-duty sweeper with its maximum sweeping width of 2.50m and the automatic four wheel steering switched on in working mode, which ensures cleanliness not only on large areas but also in narrow restricted areas and 90º corners all year round. As a result of the separate brush control the Hako Citymaster 2000 2 B is particularly suitable for narrow areas, in which a separate swivelling of the brushes and the highest possible flexibility is required. With the standard four wheel steering, which remains in its tracks, the Hako Citymaster 2000 can be manoeuvred in every corner or narrow alley way.

Optional Extra – 3 Brush System

The Citymaster 2000 with 3 brush system – as a heavy-duty sweeper – is convincing as a result of its multi-functionality in summer as well as in winter. With a maximum working width of 2.60 m and the automatic four wheel steering switched on in working mode, the Citymaster 2000 with 3 brush system is ideal for working on wide paths as well as for sweeping on two levels, around traffic islands and e.g. in gutters.

CM 2000 2B / Cm 2000 3B

Overall Length

4550 / 4947 mm


1300 mm



Scrubbing Width

2500 / 26000 mm

Maximum Weight

2900/3000 kg


Large Industrial turbo diesel engine 2l, 75 kW at 3000 rpm, water cooled


max. 50 km/hr

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