Citymaster – 300 Outdoor Footpath Sweeper

  • 1200mm to 1750mm Sweep Path
  • Corrosion free, impact proof tanks
  • 240 litre standard wheelie bin
  • 150 liter water tank
  • Robust, shock resistant, heavy duty frame
  • Infinitely variable travel speed up to 16Klm/Hr
  • Water Cooled 16kW engine
  • Hydrostatic drive with 4 wheel steer.
  • Simple operation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Air-condition Cabin
  • Multi function package standard
  • 76 dBA noise level (Operator Ear)
  • Pneumatically sprung driver’s seat
  • Climb up kerbs to 130mm

Large Area City Sweeper

The excellent sweeping performance and extreme manoeuvrability make the Hako Citymaster 300 the optimum economical solution for city cleaning. It’s unique Sulo bin hopper concept makes it the most versatile footpath and outdoor sweeping machine on the market today.

For more sweeping and less transit time. The Hako Citymaster 300 has a choice of flexible disposal concepts that allows the most efficient sweeping option to be determined in line with your work practices. 


The ergonomically designed operators cabin that is lockable for operator safety, has an excellent 240 degree all round view. It is a sound-proofed low vibration suspended cabin, all controls are in direct view and reach of the operator. With PM10 certification for dust emissions coupled with its unique articulated design, its extreme manoeuvrability is unmatched. Footpath and outdoor sweeping couldn’t be any easier than with the Hako Citymaster 300. Service – friendly easy access to all components.


The rubbish bin concept of the CM 300 leaves nothing to be desired. As a result of the hydraulic lowering and lifting device on the Citymaster 300 the full rubbish bins can be removed from the machine easily and an empty rubbish bin can be replaced quickly and easily. With this device any standard 240l rubbish bin can be used.


With the flexible hand-held wander hose (optional extra) you can quickly reach even the furthest corners and most inaccessible areas.


Improved suction performance even with heavier dirt as a result of the 2 part mesh metal filter, made of V2A steel, which guarantees a long filter life and low filter servicing costs.

Other Features:
Wheel controlled suction nozzle suspended between front wheels, air recirculation increases efficiency, hydraulic dustbin changing, hydrostatic drive assembly.

Optional Extras:
There are a number of options available like a wander Hose, Reverse Camera with colour monitor and various types of Disc Brushes. 

Overall Length

3000 mm


1100 mm


1980 mm

Sweeping Width

1200 – 1750 mm

Clean Water Tank

150 lt

Maximum Weight

1600 kg


3 cylinder diesel engine, 16 kW at 2800 rpm, water cooled


max. 16 km/hr


4 Low pressure tyres; 23 x 8.5-12

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