Groundsmaster 5900-D / 5910-D

The Groundsmaster® 5910 is loaded with productivity boosting advantages like the Cummins® turbo-charged, 99 hp (73.8 kw), diesel engine (biodiesel-ready, up to B20), SmartCool™ System with auto-reversing cooling fan and onboard InfoCenter™ diagnostics.



Biodiesel ready up to B-20.

SmartCool™ System With Auto-Reversing Cooling Fan

Variable speed, temperature actuated reversing fan. Blows chaff off intake screen to help reduce overheating. Big time saver which reduces that amount of times an operator has to stop and exit the unit to clean the back hood.


Optional snow thrower or rotary brooms make the Groundsmaster® 5910-D an all year round machine.


For ultimate operator comfort, the 5910 offers a factory installed climate-controlled cab.


The full-time, 4-wheel drive puts power where it’s needed. The cutting decks automatically take weight off the cutting units for more flotation, and put it on the traction wheels when climbing hills. Individual wheel brakes and 4WD flow divider can be used to provide additional traction assistance.


With the all-new InfoCenter™, you get helpful maintenance reminders and instant notification of potential problems. It’s like having a mechanic on board.

Cummins® 99 hp (74 kW) Engine

Get more productivity with a surprising mix of fuel flexibility, efficiency, low emissions and unstoppable power. The gutsy Cummins QSB3.3 inline 4-cylinder engine puts out 99 hp (74 kW) and 306 lb-ft (415 N·m) of torque to cut the thickest, wettest grass you can find. All while exceeding EPA Tier 3 and EU emissions standards for non-raod diesel engines.


Mow closely around trees and other obstacles with zero trim. You can also turn 180° and leave no uncut grass.


To mow between objects or along narrower areas, operators may raise either left or right wing decks (142` (3.6 m) width of cut) as well as both decks (92` (2.3 m) width of cut). The cutting units can be set from 1-6` (2.5-15.2 cm) to handle a wide variety of conditions.

Mowing Capacity

The 5900/5910 Series is all about covering maximum ground. With the cutting decks down, you get a full 16′ (4.9 m) cut capable of mowing more the 100 acres (40.5 hectares) per day.



Cummins® QSB3.3

Fuel. Diesel.               

Biodiesel compatible up to B20


4 cylinder, turbocharged, intercooled

Horsepower @ RPM.            

99* @ 2630 (73.8 kW)

Torque @ rpm (lb.-ft.) .

306 @ 1600 (415 N•m)

Displacement .          

199 cu. in. (3.3 L)

Fuel Injection.                       

Electronic high-pressure common rail

Service Interval.       

250 hours

Starting Aid .

Intake air heater


Tier 3.

General Data

5900 Weight.            

5,966 lbs. (2,706 kg)

5910 Weight.            

6,457 lbs.  (2,929 kg)

Wheelbase .              

76 in (194 cm)         


175 in (445 cm)

Mow Width.              

192 in (488 cm)

Transport Width.     

99 in (251 cm)

5900 Height .                        

89 in (226 cm)

5910 Height .                        

93 in (236 cm)

Ground Clearance .  

9.5 in (24 cm)


Maximum Mow Rate .          

20.7 acres/hr (8.4 ha)*

Typical Mow Rate.               

9.6 acres/hr (3.9 ha)†

Mowing Speed.                     

Forward 0-10.8 mph (17.4 km/h).


0-5.7 mph (9.2 km/h)

Transport Speed. Forward  

0-20 mph (32.2 km/h).


0-10.5 mph (16.9 km/h)

Speed Control.                      

Electronic, limits max speed

CAB (5910)

Climate Controls.

Air conditioning, heat, opening front and rear windows.


Factory installed, ROPS certified, tinted glass, front wiper/washer, interior mirror, side mirrors

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