Hako Citymaster 600 Footpath Carpark Suction Sweeper

And what can the Citymaster 600 do for you?

The pro in the compact class.

It is your aim to carry out reliable work and to satisfy outdoor cleaning needs or your customer’s needs in the long run! What you are looking for is a professional, powerful and compact sweeper, right? The Citymaster 600 meets your demands exactly – with best-possible operating comfort and innovative quickchange system for a range of attachments designed to suit your individual requirements.

Hako’s years of experience in the field of sweeping machines are all concentrated in this one machine – use it to your advantage!


New dimensions of economic efficiency.

The Citymaster 600 combines multifarious advantages and functions with compact dimensions while the driver’s spacious and comfortable workplace facilitates long working days. With its small working width and extreme manoeuvrability, the vehicle can access even the most confined areas.

The all-in-one universal compact sweeper with a quick-change system and plenty of different attachments – that’s what we call cost effective. You only buy what you really need. In the long run, the robust and maintenance friendly design makes the Citymaster 600 profitable.

Hako quality pays off quickly. If you are interested in our flexible financing options, simply ask your local Hako sales & service partner for further information!

Professional sweeping results.

Considering its compact dimensions, the Citymaster 600 is a high-class performer. The integrated professional sweeper including big adjustable brooms and a powerful suction unit enables large-scale cleaning. The universal hopper with a nominal volume of 600 litres and a loading capacity of 500 kg ensures wide-range coverage and a long, efficient period of operation. The robust design of the professional sweeping unit features a number of gadgets protecting the vehicle against damage. Both the quick-change system and the tripod enable the quick & easy mounting of the sweeping unit and hopper – no additional personnel are required. The high-dump as well as easy cleaning after work save both time and money.

Environmentally-friendly equipment.

Great performance is something you want to see – not hear. That’s why you can switch to ECO mode while the machine is in sweeping operation to reduce both the fuel consumption and noise emissions. The sophisticated water system has maximum dust-binding qualities and cleans the exhaust air. The feed of fresh water to the brushes and suction ducts as well as a continuous circulating water system give dust no chance. The exhaust air is fed over the hopper lid and is noise insulated to protect the environment as well as pedestrians.

Useful extras such as the hand-held suction hose and the high-pressure cleaner add to the range of applications in road & footpath cleaning.

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