Jonas B/P/D 1200 RH Industrial Floor Sweeper

HAKO-Jonas 1200 RH – Top performance has a new name.

More power, more speed, more comfort

The Hako-Jonas 1200 RH is the perfect machine for rapid and particularly economical vacuum sweeping of multi-storey car parks, warehouse and production buildings and permanent outdoor facilities such as promenades etc. The design concept is an ideal combination of a host of key benefits. 


More performance.
The Hako-Jonas 1200 RH allows you to select between petrol/LPG, diesel or battery power. As a result, all kinds of indoor and outdoor duties are possible. The petrol and diesel versions have powerful and consequently quieter 2-cylinder motors – the diesel version is watercooled. 

These powerful drives give excellent climbing ability – to be precise, 18 % for the petrol, diesel and battery versions. This power can also be used for long periods. Running times are up to 5 hours for the battery version and 10 hours for the petrol, diesel and LPG versions. An easily accessible high performance cassette filter system with a filter surface area of 5 m2 ensures clean exhaust air. The flow technology of the vacuum system has been optimized to allow significantly longer operating times between filter changes. The machines also have the particularly effective R2S filter cleaning device (patented by Hako).

More comfort.
But the Hako-Jonas 1200 RH gives you more than just better performance. The aim of our designers was to ensure that even long shifts do not result in fatigue. An ergonomically optimized driving position gives users of widely differing builds a comfortable seat and a perfect view of the working surface.

The large wheels can even mount kerbs effortlessly and ensure increased driver comfort on uneven surfaces. The generously-dimensioned coarse dirt flap, operated from the driver’s seat, allows even
large items such as stones or pieces of wood to be picked up.

And then when everything ends up in the 130 litre dirt container, a discharge height of 145 cm makes sweeping easy to empty into larger containers. The container capacity can be used to the full capacity because the lifting power of the high discharge system is generous at 220 kg.

More intelligence.
The simple, clear design of the control console prevents operator error. The oversize diameter of the sweeping broom and the patent protected ABBA (automatic container/broom adjustment) system to even out wear, ensures that the sweeping pattern is always  perfect – throughout the entire life of the broom.

A special winding protection device prevents bearing damage when film and tape are swept up. No tools are required to change the main sweeping broom and in just a few manoeuvres, again with no tools required, you can immediately see the clearly arranged engine compartment for maintenance. 

More quality.
And that means: quality made by Hako. Hako customers remain Hako customers because Hako consciously invests in long-life machines. For example, the solid steel frame and other painted steel parts of the Hako-Jonas 1200 RH are given 2 coats of extremely durable corrosion protection and thus meet the most stringent quality assurance requirements. This has been proven in 1200 hours of salt spray mist testing. Durability – a new standard.

Many options.
The features of the Hako-Jonas 1200 RH cater for every requirement. Depending on your conditions of use, select from options including driver roof, second side broom on the left-hand side, rpm control for side brooms, flashing light, lighting to comply with highway regulations or a silencing package.

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