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Jonas B/P/D1500 RH Industrial Floor Sweeper

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The Jonas (B/P/D)1500 RH fulfils all the requirements to ensure many years of economic use under difficult working conditions. Its effective sweeping unit, high performance filter system and powerful motors, diverse drive systems and simple, electronically supported single-button operation make the Jonas 1500 RH the ideal universal sweeper vehicle for industrial and commercial sweeping tasks. The large side brooms sweep debris effectively to the main cylindrical brush and complete their tasks reliably even when cornering and sweeping out corners. The sweeping system operates according to the overhead sweeping principle so that the dirt hopper is always completely filled – ensuring long operating times without interruptions!


1) Robust chassis and collision protection Solid base and protection for the brush from damage – highest levels of machine availability

2) Simple maintenance – The user platform can be pivoted up or forward for service work

3) Cylindrical brush – Protective guard against bearing damage when sweeping up foil or tape; change cylindrical brush without tools

4) Clean exhaust air  – and long operating times thanks to the cassette filter system with large filter surface
and R2S filter cleaning technology (Hako patent)

5) Wear compensator – Simple adjustment of the main cylindrical brush using the ABBA system (automatic hopper-brush adaptation) for perfect sweeping over the entire service life of the cylindrical brush

6) Debris flap –  to insert larger items, foil or tape; when thrown in, nodust can escape from the hopper flap

7) Hydraulic hopper lift – The dirt hopper can be raised for emptying to a height of 1.52 m

8) Clear operational concept for more safety and short training periods for operating personnel

9) Single-button operation – Simple operation using the green Hakomatic button

10) Quick service access – Easy access to the technical system minimises downtimes

Technical Sepcification P/LPG1500 RH  D1500 RH  B1500 RH
Drive  Petrol/LPG  Diesel Battery
Max. output 15kw 14kw 6kw
Sweeping width /
with 1 SB / 2 SB
92 / 127 / 162 cm 92 / 127 / 162 cm 92 / 127 / 162 cm
Sweeping performance 
with 1 SB
12,960 m2 / h 12,960 m2 / h 10,400 m2 / h
ABBA wear compensation
Dirt hopper volume 250 l 250 l 250 l
Dumping height 152 cm 152 cm 152 cm
Filter surface 7,5 m2 7,5 m2 7,5 m2
R2S filter cleaning system
Working speed 10 km / h 10 km / h 8 km / h
Climbing capacity 18% 18% 16%
Weight, ready to use 1,100 – 1,350 kg 1,100 – 1,350 kg 1,465 – 1,750 kg
Width x Length 1,335 x 2,230 mm 1,335 x 2,230 mm 1,335 x 2,230 mm
Height (with cab roof) 1,596 (1,980) mm 1,596 (1,980) mm 1,596 (1,980) mm


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