Multi Pro 5800-D (41393)

  • Achieve more precision and accuracy with the all new spray system on the 250 gal (1,136 l) Multi Pro® 5800
  • Pro Control XP console is updated with new software to improve response time and desired spray rates from start to stop
  • New six-diaphragm pump supplies twice the flow for spray operation and simultaneous aggressive agitation
  • Increase productivity, performance and versatility with a wide variety of optional accessories

Leading technology, proven reliability, unsurpassed accuracy.

From the market leader in turf sprayers, the new Toro Multi Pro® 5800 combines customer input with the most advanced sprayer technology and innovation. The result is the best performing turf sprayer on the market. Virtually every aspect of the spray system has been optimised for performance accuracy. We have engineered in aggressive agitation and faster response times to consistently and accurately apply desired spray rates. Extensive testing and reliable components ensure the Multi Pro® 5800 is ready to perform when you need it most. Highly productive work attachments and accessories save time and money by simplifying the mixing and spraying processes, and saving on labour and chemical costs.


Tough Spray Booms
The triangulated truss design provides protection to nozzles Transport cradles with breakaway capability secure boom wings during transport Operator can change the booms from spray mode to transport mode without leaving the drivers seat Double lobe/breakaway cams return boom to spray position after impact with obstacles during forward or reverse machine travel Reduce damage to trees or other objects with the tree-friendly boom ends Three section 18.5′ (5.6 m) boom width

Hydrostatic Vehicle Drive System
Provides a high torque traction system that doesn’t spin out and scuff turf. An accelerator locking device provides a constant spraying speed.

Pro Control™ XP Computerised Controller
The eXtra Precision avoids waste and ensures maximum efficacy of chemical applications. Simple programming for two preset application rates, plus a manual override mode for spot spraying. The Pro Control™ XP system automatically and instantaneously calibrates flow to maintain an even and accurate spray application rate. Also compensates for system input changes, such as ground speed variations caused by terrain, and when turning on/off boom sections. Model Number 41604.

35.5 HP (26.5 Kw) Liquid Cooled Diesel
The Kubota® diesel engine provides exceptional horsepower to power through spraying operations in hilly and undulating turf, even with a full tank.

250 gal (1,136 l) Chemical Tank
Ready for the long haul, this completely redesigned tank incorporates four, 30 degree, side-mounted agitation nozzles to ensure the homogeneous mixing of chemicals for application accuracy. An offset fill well provides easy access for loading chemicals. Engineered polymer material won’t crack, dent, rust, chip or peel.

Six Diaphragm Pump
An industry first – this oversized pump satisfies the highest spray rates while simultaneously supplying aggressive agitation flow. Pump features a dry sump (no oil bath/reservoir). Self priming, Positive displacement design can be run dry without damage.

Center Control Console
Positions operational switches and throttle at the operator’s fingertips for convenient access and control.

Boom Control Valves
Fast response and reliablility improve spray operation accuracy and prevent downtime. Modular design for adding optional kits.

Engine 35.5 Kubota® Diesel
Boom System 18.5′ open or enclosed (5.6 m)
Drive System Hydrostatic
Ground Speed Forward 0-10 mph (16 km/h)
Height 57.5` (146 cm)
Length 136` (345 cm)
Nozzle Type Drift reduction
Spray Control Standard – manual, Optional Pro Control
Spray Pump Dual Diaphragm Hydraulic
Tank Capacity 250 gal (1,136 l)
Vehicle 4-wheel, rear wheel drive
Weight Approx. 1,130 kg
Warranty 2 year limited warranty
Width 72` (2 m)


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