PG Series 2 Collection Mowers

  • 22 – 30 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine
  • Petrol or Diesel options
  • 2WD or 4WD

The Gianni Ferrari PG Series 2 collection mowers include various models and options to suit the demand of the job at hand. The range comes in 2WD or 4WD, Petrol or Diesel, either low of high dumping and more. Several attachments can also be fitted which increase the flexibility of the machine. This range is for the very large jobs where 800l catcher capacity will really get a work out.

Due to the wide choice of versions and attachments, PG machines are able to provide solutions to the most varied operational needs and allow professional landscapers to be immediately productive. A true multi-purpose performer.



PG front-mounted  mowers are designed for the cutting and simultaneous collection of grass. Because of this, the collection system is built into the machine, with the steel blower and the collection tube located inside the traction unit.

This solution offers multiple advantages:

  • since there is no external collection tube, the machine is compact, is better balanced and has a lower centre of gravity. As well as providing increased manoeuvrability, the lack of an external tube also allows the operator to trim edges etc… using both sides of the deck and ensures the machine can be used in narrow or confined spaces;
  • collection is more effective because the cut grass travels for a shorter distance and there is no friction loss in the collection ducting. This guarantees that no grass clippings are left on the ground and prevents clogging of the blower and collection tube;
  • the machine is multi-purpose, because the blower and the
  • hopper are always available to be used with other attachments.

A wide choice of high performance and reliable engines are available.

3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engines are installed lengthwise in the rear of the traction unit.

The radiator vent blows towards the rear of the machines. This allows the operator to be located away from heat and keeps the radiator clean for longer periods.

2-cylinder air-cooled on PG 230 model.

Mower decks
In order to meet the specific requirements of each operator, PG range offers a wide range of mower decks which suit a wide variety of operating conditions.

Cutting and collection decks are available in 112 cm, 126 cm and 130 cm. Decks for cutting without collection, or for mulching, are available in 130 cm and 150 cm.

Transmission and drive
PG machines are equipped with hydrostatic transmission, with the pedal feed allowing the operator to vary speed from 0 to 14Km/h (4WD version).

In difficult conditions (uneven ground, slopes or poor traction) the differential can be locked  to ensure the same drive on both front  wheels, thus improving  the control  of the machine. The hydraulic steering acts on the rear wheels and ensures precise and rapid changes of direction, while simultaneously reducing the operator effort required.

PG machines come in a dual tail wheels (3-wheel) version for an extremely small turning radius and great agility, and in a 4-wheel version with a rear floating axle. This version ensures a reduced turning radius and provides stability and safety especially when the operator drives across slopes.

All 4 WD models adopt the patented HTC™ (Hydrostatic Traction Control)  system  which  provides  significant  advantages:

  • It intelligently varies the traction supplied to each rear wheels to prevent them from damaging the turf during turning operations;
  • It ensures that traction is still supplied to all four wheels, even during turning operations. This is a major safety advantage over some other solutions on the market which actually disable the  4WD capability  when  the  operator  initiates  a  turn.

PG machines have been designed  and manufactured  in compliance with the strictest safety directives of the European Union   and   other   International   Standards   bodies. Large front lights allow for safe operation even in situations with reduced  visibility.  Therefore the machines are productive throughout the day.

The low barycentre and the proper distribution of weights on the axles also offer great stability to the machine.

Road use approval
4-wheels diesel PG models supplied with a “kit for road use approval” (front and rear lights, indicators, flashing beacon, horn, etc.) can be used on roads.

Depending on the approval received, it is possible to drive on roads either with the mower, or with the equipments stated in the vehicle registration document or with an empty or full hopper.

Driver’s seat
The control and indicator dashboard is located directly in front of the operator. This ergonomic solution provides for easier use and  more control of the unit.

A digital display provides information on the general operation of the machine (hour meter, engine water temperature, fuel reserve etc…). It also acts as a diagnostic fault-finder should any problems occur (PG 230 excluded).

The seat can be adjusted to fit the height and weight of any operator. The height and rigidity of the seat springs can also be adjusted.

All controls are located within easy reach and the hydraulic distributor levers are protected from accidental operation.

Front action
All equipment and cutting tools are in front of the machine to guarantee the utmost visibility and control for the operator. The front deck ensures that the grass is cut before being trampled by unit wheels resulting in a clean, even cut.

Additionally, the front deck also allows the operator to cut under

bushes and makes finishing around trees, flower beds and walls easier.

Hydraulic controls
PG machines are fitted with a hydraulic front lift for decks and attachments.

This enables the machines to mount kerbs and other obstacles. It  also     allows  for  easier  access   for  maintenance. The installation of all the attachments is quick and can be performed without using any tools.

Emptying  the  hopper  is  performed  via  dual  hydraulic cylinders, which make dumping a fast  and easy operation.

The large 800-litre hopper is manufactured using a very strong, shock-resistant material.

It is fitted with a filter, deflector chute and a warning buzzer that signals when the hopper is full.

The filter is easily removable for easy cleaning; it is a steel mesh that prevents grass from escaping, yet it ensures positive air flow  ensuring  that  the  hopper  is  filled  to  capacity. The audible warning advises the operator to disconnect the PTO (Power Take Off ) when the hopper is full, thus preventing the obstruction or clogging of the collection tube.

The deflector chute inside the hopper is covered with a metal plate that prevents abrasion.

The anti-shock external frame is made of steel tubular and protects the hopper and fairings from the impacts that frequently occur when working in confined spaces or close to obstacles.

High dumping lift
4-wheel  PG  models  can  be  fitted  with  a  lift  elevator.

By means of a hydraulic operation parallelogram system, the hopper can be lifted up to 1,95 metres to dump the grass directly into a truck, trailer, skip or bin.

The hopper can also be emptied at any height that is lower than the maximum,  due to  the independent  dumping  control.

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