Scrubmaster AntiBac B90/B90 CL Floor Scrubber

Ideal for areas with high hygiene requirements such as Nursing homes, hospitals, large kitchen and food processing/storage areas.

The new Antibacterial line from Hako has been specially engineered to meet the increasing attention towards more hygienic and safe machines, particularly in areas with stringent health concerns.

Where traditional scrubbers are prone to the threat of bacteria growth in dirty water tanks, Hako AntiBac tanks substantially prevent the growth via the proprietary recovery water tank featuring permanent antibacterial properties.

The antibacterial effectiveness of silver has been known for centuries. It is based on the exchange of ions and associated cell damage and as with many other products, is a powerful growth inhibitor in the use of automatic floor scrubbers.

According to JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196) in laboratory tests for the material composition chosen by Hako, there was a reduction of 99.9% in various strains of bacteria as well as moulds. The growth of bacteria and mould in antibacterial tanks is therefore considerably reduced with the use of a Hako AntiBac tank.

In order to be operated in noise-sensitive areas, the CLH models are equipped with special sound insulation (Silence Kit). Advanced by the antibacterial recovery water tank, the customer has now the contingency to achieve the specific hygiene requirements of his object more easily by such a machine.


  • Compliance with hygiene requirements = better hygiene in dirty water tank with the same cleaning effort.
  • Environmental protection and cost reduction = lower consumption of disinfectant (chemicals) when cleaning tanks.
  • Employee protection = reduced contact of personnel with bacteria, moulds and spores.
  • In addition the CLH models have a special noise damping package (Silence Kit) for cleaning in noise sensitive areas.



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