SportChamp – SC2BL/E

Ride-on machine for the cleaning and care of artificial turf

Fully artificial grass surfaces and synthetic surfaces, like athletics tracks, need regular cleaning and maintenance so that they retain their high standard for sporting activities. SportChamp SC2BL/E is an ideal partner for protecting sports grounds.

Only the SportChamp SC2BL/E is capable of cleaning and maintaining artificial grass surfaces so thoroughly and carefully. Dust, ball felt and other loose particles of dirt are brushed up without damaging the carpet pile and picked up and deposited in the large filter box by the powerful suction turbine where the filter cleanly separates them from the surrounding air. Dirt particles are very easily removed from the surface of the carpet covering as well as from deeper layers. 

Rotating brushes ensure an exemplary degree of cleanliness and straighten out the carpet fibres, which are subjected to exceptionally hard wear, in an extraordinarily short time. SportChamp SC2BL/E, with its hydrostatic drive cleans and maintains in one pass, and this is precisely why the performance of this machine is so outstanding. 

Cleaning a hockey field with the SportChamp SC2BL/E takes less than an hour. With the front-mounted brushes you get into every corner so that the whole pitch is clean, while the hydraulic side brushes move the dirt away along such obstructions as pitch-side boarding and rainwater channels and effectively disposes of it.


Drive 2-cylinder petrol engine, air-cooled, 22 HP
hydrostatic, driving speed up to 10 km/h
Traction drive hydraulic lifting device for accessory attachments and filter box
Capacity of tank 30 litres
Brush working width 950 mm
with side-brush approx. 1,200 mm
Weight approx. 500 kg
Dimensions L 2,200 x W 1,050 x H 1,400 mm

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