Footpath/Street Litter Vacuums

SUPERSEDED – Citymaster 90 Outdoor Footpath and St

Mini-Compact Sweeping Machine  

With Hako Citymaster 90 you can ensure quick, economical cleanliness – all whilst sitting comfortably.  Even in restricted applications the Hako Citymaster 90 is in it’s element and in such areas it shows all of its power and efficiency.

The convincing ride-on alternative to pedestrian operated machines for municipal outdoor cleaning. Highly manoeuvrable as a result of the new hydraulic rear wheel steering. Ergonomically optimized workplace, simple to operate. Excellent view of the area to be cleaned. Particulary economical machine life costs.

Clean dirt up-take as a result of the two large plate brushes and powerful vacuum turbine. The newly developed dry filter system cleans the used air with a degree of separation of 99,5%. Handy disposal system: debris can be emptied quickly and easily via high dump facility into standard rubbish bins or containers.

Performance Data
Length with/without Brushes 2550 mm / 2385 mm
Width/Wheelbase 990 mm / 1420 mm
Height 1530 mm
Sweeping Width Max. 1750 mm
Clean Water Tank 100 lt.
Maximum Laden Weight 1200 kg
Engine 2 cylinder diesel, 11kW at 2700rpm, water cooled
Drive Speed up to 8 km/hr
Tyres Low pressure tyres, front: 23×8.5-12, rear: 5.00×8-4PR

Weather Protection Package
Handheld Suction Hose
Adjustable Plate Brush Revolutions 

In addition:
Suction mouth on rollers located between the front wheels, air recirculation system to increase efficiency, hydrostatic drive.  Fully hydraulic rear wheel steering, high-dump to allow emptying into standard rubbish bins or containers.

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