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SUPERSEDED – Push Sweeper – Metal Flipper

Flipper Manual Sweeper

Sweeps Five Times Quicker!
More efficient sweeping in a fraction of time.  Hand-pushed sweeper with 1,500 m² cleanliness/hour. The ideal solution to cleaning problems – both indoor and outdoors. 

You will find those difficult-to-keep-clean areas almost everywhere – machine shops, workshops, stock rooms, small yards, small parking areas, loading ramps, etc. For years, the only way to clean these areas has been with the old fashioned broom. 

Now Hako has the answer to your problem. The Hako Flipper cleans much more thoroughly than the old hand methods, and in a fraction of time, too. In one hour, one person with a Hako Flipper can clean an area of 21,500 square feet as much as five people with brooms. 

With its large drive wheels and a front guide wheel, this sweeper travels easily over any surface (concrete, wood, brick, asphalt, cobblestone, etc) and picks up everything from dust to soft drink cans. 

The Hako Flipper is almost noiseless.  It emits no exhaust fumes and can work in areas where motorized sweepers are not allowed (e.g. An explosively protected area). It also offers practically inhibited action in halls, work rooms, warehouses, exterior areas, walks and parks. 

A further advantage of the Hako Flipper is its ability to sweep during forward and reverse travel (reducing working time especially, when sweeping narrow passages). 


Sweeps in both forward and reverse mode, picking up dirt automatically. The rotary sidebrush sweeps the dust and dirt away from walls and out of corners into the path of the wide main brush which deposits it directly in the large 1.4ft³ hopper. Rubber flaps seal off the main broom chamber, so that no dust is swirled about. 

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