Toro STX26 – Stump Grinder (23208)

  • Easy to use controls
  • Fits easily through standard 36” (91 cm) gates
  • Track drive increases hill-side stability

From pine to gum, the Toro STX26 Stump Grinder grinds down stumps quickly and efficiently. Some dedicated stump grinders are over complicated. Not the Toro STX. Its patented Toro® TX-style control system has two simple levers that are simple to learn, master and use. Combine these easy-to-use controls with tracks and transport speeds exceeding 6.5 kmph, and you get maximum productivity. Wet, hilly terrain won’t stop you from accessing tough jobs year-round with an STX stump grinder; the tracks travel easily over muddy areas. The tracks also provide a low centre of gravity adding exceptional side hill stability. In addition, the hydraulically driven head means no chance of expensive belts breaking or slipping and no tension adjustments guaranteeing optimal performance time after time.


  • 26 HP Kawasaki® engine
  • Fits easily through standard 91cm (3 foot) gates
  • Track design allows for zero turn capability
  • Offset cutting head provides excellent visibility
  • Full hydraulic operation — no belts to adjust or cogged pulleys and clutches to replace
  • Tracks offer exceptional side hill stability
  • Twelve 3-position GreenTeeth® for cutting


Model #                                      



26hp Kawasaki FX730V, 4 cycle air cooled V-twin with vertical crankshaft, overhead valves & pulse fuel pump

Air Cleaner                                 

ual element ‘KAI’ air filter with rotating metal intake screen 


9.0 kW (26.0 hp) at 3600 rpm (gross),

6.8 kW (22.5 hp) per SAE J1349

Peak Torque                              

57.1 Nm (42.1 ft-lbs) at 2400 rpm (gross),

48.5 Nm (35.8 ft-lbs) at 2400 rpm per SAE J1349

Fuel Tank                                    

The fuel tank is a natural-coloured polyethylene rotational moulding with a bottom fuel outlet and vented fuel cap

Fuel Tank Capacity 

18.2 litres

Gear Pump                                

A dual section 53.0 lpm (11.7 Imperial gpm) and 7.6 lpm (1.7 Imperial gpm)

gear pump powers the lift, rotational and grinder hydraulic systems

Hydrostatic Drive                     

The traction circuit is powered by independent, belt driven hydrostatic pumps and LSHT motors in dual closed loop

systems. The pumps are Hydro-gear PG pumps and have service bypass valves for towing. The pumps are mechanically

actuated by the patented Toro TX traction control system, utilizing on-pump neutral centering systems

Hydraulic Capacity 

23.8 litres (5.2 Imperial gallons) – full

22.7 litres (5.0 Imperial gallons) – nominal fluid level

Oil Capacity                                

2.1 litres (1.9 Imperial quarts) with oil filter change

1.8 litres (1.6 Imperial quarts) without oil filter change

Start Method                            

olenoid shift type electric starter motor


A 12 volt, BCI group U1 battery with 300 CCA powers the electrical system

Electrical Interlocks                 

Switches are installed on the machine to ensure the following requirements:

– To start the machine, the auxiliary hydraulic valve must be in neutral

– To start the machine, the traction control must be in neutral

Engine Controls                        

Panel mounted, including the ignition, throttle and choke. The throttle and choke are remote lever/cable operated


Toro TX patented control system

Lift & Rotate                              

A pivoting lever on the right hand side of the control panel connects to the lift spool on the control valve and actuates the

spool for the lift cylinder. This lever can also be actuated side to side for rotation of the grinder head


A two-step, electrical (operator presence) button on the control lever connects to the grinder spool on the control valve

and actuates the spool for the grinder motor


The main frame is a fabricated weldment constructed mainly of 6.4 mm (0.25 inch) steel plate with in-frame 7 gauge (4.6

mm / 0.1793 inch) welded hydraulic tank


Length: 228.0 cm (89.8 inches) Width: 105.0 cm (41.3 inches) Height: 116.0 cm (45.7 inches)


Grinder Depth (maximum): 31.75 cm (12.5 inches) below grade

Grinder Height (maximum): 83.82 cm (33.0 inches) above grade

Grinding Angle: 0 – 65.0 degrees Head Swing: 119.0 cm (47.0 inches)

Wheel Diameter: 48.3 cm (19.0 inches) to tooth

Wheel Speed: 1185 rpm (95% efficiency)

Torque Approximately 111.2 Nm (82.0 ft-lbs) at 179.2 bar (2600 psi) (95% efficiency)

Ground speeds: Forward: 0-6.8 km/h, Reverse: 0-2.6 km/h

Ground Pressure: 30.3 kPa (4.4 psi)


544.3 kg (1,200 lbs)

Number of Teeth   

12 (6 per side)


Nylon fabric reinforced, endless rubber rings with 22 internal drive lugs. The outer tread on the tracks is an aggressive L

shaped pattern with pitched crosscuts

Track Width                               

14.94 cm (5.88 inches)

Track Pitch                                 

8.76 cm (3.45 inches)


Standard warranty period of 2 years or 1000 hours limited warranty

Images may not reflect dealer inventory or unit specifications.


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