Toro TraxMaster TX525 (22323/22324)

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The Toro TX Compact Utility Loader is tough, rugged and a hard working machine. It is compact and versatile enough to get hydraulic power into places only previously accessible by bare hands, eliminating back breaking labour forever. Accomplish more work in less time, using less manpower! It delivers optimal power for tough digging, deep trenching and unforgiving terrain.


  • 25 HP Kubota® diesel engine
  • Track width 15 cm (N) / 24.1 cm (W)
  • 23 litre fuel tank
  • Double Kevlar® reinforced tracks for extended life
  • Operational platform allows ride-on capability (optional)
  • 46.6 lpm at 3,200 rpm auxiliary hydraulic flow
  • Two-stage, heavy-duty, remote air cleaner

Model #   22323 Narrow (N)

22324 Wide (W)

Engine     25hp Kubota Diesel

Power Output Torque          

 14.4 kW (23.3 hp) at 3400 rpm

57.4 Nm (42.3 ft-lbs) at 2600 rpm

3400 rpm high idle


The tracks are Kevlar reinforced, endless robber rings with 28 internal drive lugs. The outer tread on the tracks is a turf-friendly 5-shaped pattern with pitched cross cuts.

Track Width                             

14.9 cm – 5.88 inches (N)                                                  

24.1 cm – 9.5 inches (W)

Track Pitch

8.8 cm (3.45 inches)

Fuel Tank                                  

The fuel tank is a cross-link polyethylene rotational moulding with a top draw fuel outlet and a vented fuel cap

Fuel Tank Capacity                

22.7 litres



A 12 volt, BCI group 55 battery with 585 CCA powers the electrical system

Electrical Interlocks

Relays and switches are installed on the machine to ensure the following requirements:

-To start the machine, the auxiliary hydraulic valve must be in neutral

-To start the machine, the traction control must be in neutral

Hydraulic Pump                      

A two-section tandem gear pump, coupled directly to the engine powers the loader and auxiliary hydraulic systems

Engine Control                        

All engine controls are panel mounted, including the ignition, throttle and glow plugs


The auxiliary hydraulic flow to TX attachments is controlled by the auxiliary valve lever          


79.0 cm

Ground Speeds                       

Forward: 0-7.2 km/h (0-4.5 mph)

Reverse: 0-3.2 km/h (0-2 mph)

Ground Pressure                   

Narrow: 34.5 kPa (5 psi) – traction unit weight only

Wide: 24.1 kPa (3.5 psi) – traction unit weight only

Ground Clearance                 

11.7 cm


Length: 233.7 cm w/ bucket 180 cm w/o bucket

Width: 85.6 cm (N) 104.0 cm (W)

Height: 117.1 cm

Hinge Pin Height                     

167.1 cm

Dump Height                           

117.1 cm

Dump Angle                             



55.4 cm fully raised

Maximum Operating           


229.0 cm

Tip Capacity                             

716.7 kg (1,580 lb) – per SAE J732

SAE J818 Rating 50%

Tip Capacity                             

360 kg (793 lb)

SAE J818 Rating 35%

Tip Capacity                             

250.8 kg (553 lb)


Narrow: 863.6 kg (1,904 lbs) – traction unit only

918 kg (2,024 lbs) – with TX bucket

Wide: 913.1 kg (2,013lbs) – traction unit only

967.5 kg (2,133 lbs) – with TX bucket


Standard warranty period of 2 years or 1000 hours limited warranty

Images may not reflect dealer inventory or unit specifications.


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