Toro TRX26 – Walk Behind Trencher (22974)

The Toro TRX26 walk-behind trencher redefines dedicated walk-behind trenchers, setting a new standard for ease of use – so intuitive and simple to operate with its TRX control system. It works faster and straighter than you would expect from a walk-behind trencher. The track drive design provides a low centre of gravity and a large light footprint, offering stability and increased maneuverability – without causing damage to existing turf. The TRX26 walk-behind trencher also makes valve box installation a snap with its ability to cross-trench without damaging trench sidewalls.


  • 26 HP Kawasaki® V-Twin engine
  • 34 inch width allow easy access through standard 91 cm (3 foot) gates
  • Three-pump 32.5 gpm combined hydraulic flow for maximum digging efficiency
  • Easy-to-use TX-style traction control system
  • Dual Element Air Cleaner reduces engine wear
  • Trencher Boom – depths up to 48 inch
  • TRX26 accessories: Boring Unit, Backfill Blade and Crumber

Model #                                     



26hp Kawasaki FX730V, 4 cycle air cooled

Fuel Tank                                  

18.2 litres

Oil Capacity

2.1 litres (1.9 Imperial quarts) with oil filter change

1.8 litres (1.6 Imperial quarts) without oil filter change

Start Method                          

Solenoid shift type electric starter motor

Gear Pump                               

A single section 53.0 lpm (11.7 gpm) gear pump powers the lift and trencher hydraulic systems

Hydrostatic Drive                  

he traction circuit is powered by independent, belt driven hydrostatic in dual closed loop systems. The pumps

are Hydro-gear PG pumps and have service bypass valves for towing. The pumps are mechanically actuated by

the patented Toro TX traction control system, utilizing on-pump neutral centering systems.


12 volt, BCI group U1 battery with 300 CCA powers the electrical system

Electrical Interlocks              

Switches are installed on the machine to ensure the following requirements:

– To start the machine, the auxiliary hydraulic valve must be in neutral

– To start the machine, the traction control must be in neutral

– If the parking brake is ON, the engine will cut out when the attempt is made to drive the machine

Engine Controls                      

Panel mounted, including the ignition, throttle and choke. The throttle and choke are remote lever/cable



Toro TX patented control system


A two-step, spring return (operator presence) lever connects to the trencher spool on the control valve and

actuates the spool for the trencher motor

Headshaft Speed                   

210 rpm w/ 554 ft/lbs of torque


5.9 inches (15.0 cm) wide-endless nylon reinforced rubber track


Sprocket-drive; 3 road wheels per side. Traction dual hydrostatic pump


566 kg (1,248 lbs)


Trench Depth (max)

2 Foot Boom – 61.0 cm (24.0 inches)

3 Foot Boom – 91.0 cm (36.0 inches)

4 Foot Boom – 122.0 cm (48.0 inches)

Trenching Angle: 0-65 degrees

Trench Width: 10.0 – 15.0 cm (4.0 – 8.0 inches)

Auger Diameter: 31.8 cm (12.5 inches)

Auger Length: 32.54 cm (12.81 inches), 41.4 cm (16.3 inches) from centre of chain

Auger Speed: 226 rpm (95% efficiency)

Torque: Approximately 427.1 Nm (315 ft-lbs) at 172.4 bar (2900 psi) – 95% efficiency

Ground Speeds: Forward: 0-5.3 km/h, Reverse: 0-1.7 km/h

Ground Pressure: 28.3 kPa (4.1 psi), 29.7 kPa (4.3 psi) with 3 foot boom

Chain Types                             

-pitch chain with 4-pitch soil-cup tooth

2-pitch combo Chains (rock and soil)

2-pitch “Shark” welded rock tooth


Standard warranty period of 2 years or 1000 hours limited warranty

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