Toro Wheelmaster W320-D (22337CP)

  • Better performance in warmer climates
  • 20 HP Kubota® Super-Mini Series diesel engine
  • Longer engine life

The Toro wheeled W320-D diesel compact utility loaders are built to deliver a high power-to-weight ratio in the compact utility loader category. At only 104 cm wide and zero-turn capability, these compact utility loaders can access confined spaces and their short length contributes to efficient trailering. The removable counterweight allows for added lift capacity or increased down pressure for optimal attachment performance. With 4 Paw independent 4-wheel drive traction system, it’s sure on its feet in any environment, wet or dry. The Toro wheeled compact utility loaders are without doubt built for Australia’s tough conditions.


  • Fuel efficient liquid-cooled 20 HP Kubota® Super-Mini Series diesel engine
  • More net horsepower improves traction and
  • delivers added torque to attachments
  • Single 15 litre fuel tank
  • Two-stage, heavy-duty air cleaner
  • 2-pump system with combined flow of
  • 56.4 lpm at 3,600 rpm hydraulic power
  • 2 ground speeds
  • Ride-on platform provides improved safety and visibility of working area and attachments
  • More net horsepower improves traction and delivers added torque to attachments

Model #                                    



20hp Kubota Diesel


14.9 kW (23hp) at 3600 rpm

44 Nm (33 ft-lbs) at 2600 rpm                               

Peak Torque                            

45.2 Nm (33.3 ft-lbs) at 2500 rpm     

Fuel Tank                                  

Single rotationally moulded high-density polyethylene fuel tank with a vented cap. A fuel shut-off valve in the

fuel line near the base of the tank.    

Fuel Tank Capacity                

15 litres


Battery not supplied from factory. Recommended battery to fit is maintenance free, 12 volt, BCI group size 51,

ith 435 CCA minimum at –18 degrees C (0 degrees F) and, 70 minutes reserve capacity per SAE J537L.

Electrical Interlocks              

he auxiliary power control lever and traction control levers must be in neutral (centre) position for the engine

to start

Hydraulic Pump                      

andem gear pump connected to the engine crankshaft with flexible rubber couplers

Hydraulic Pressure               

224 bar (3250 psi) system relief pressure

Hydraulic Flow                        

Low-Flow Circuit: 15.5 lpm (3.4 gpm) at 3600 rpm

High-Flow Circuit: 40.9 lpm (9.0 gpm) at 3600 rpm         


71.0 cm                                     


0.0 x 6.0 inches, five bolt, centre drop, heavy gauge steel

Ground Speeds                       

0-4.8 km/h (0-3 mph) forward or reverse (infinitely variable)                         

Ground Clearance                 

15.0 cm front; 15.0 cm rear

Auxiliary Power                     


As standard, a hydraulic valve lever in the front of the right handgrip above the control panel activates

hydraulically powered attachments. Pull the lever rearward (non-detented) to operate the attachment in the

orward direction, and push the lever forward (detented) to operate the attachment in the reverse direction.

When non-electric, hydraulic operated 4 in 1 bucket option fitted, detent components maybe removed.            


Length: 208.8 cm w/bucket 157.5 cm w/o bucket

Width: 104.0 cm standard tyres; 90.0 cm narrow tyres

Height: 123.7 cm                                     

Hinge Pin Height                     

167.6 cm standard bucket – highest position  

Dump Height                           

119.4 cm with standard bucket

Dump Angle                             

34° standard bucket


71.1 cm standard bucket

Maximum Operating           

231.7 cm


SAE J818 Rating 50%            

237.7 kg

Tip Capacity                             

475.4 kg                                    


781 kg (1,722 lbs) without bucket

847.3 kg (1,868 lbs) with standard bucket


Standard warranty period of 2 years or 1000 hours limited warranty

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