TX 1000 Wide Compact Utility Loader (22328)

As the market leader, Toro has taken another giant step in innovation, performance and versatility with the ALL-NEW TX 1000 Compact Utility Loader.

Designed with vertical lift loader arms, its 487.6 kg rated operating capacity delivers category-crushing performance that’s an industry game-changer. The TX 1000 wide track also offers increased reach at full height for maximum jobsite productivity. And speaking of productivity, an 206 cm hinge pin height allows the arms to clear the side of a 23 m² dumpster or 1000 kg truck. This lightweight, manoeuvrable machine packs unmatched strength and reach in a compact package for the ultimate working advantage.


Toro Exclusive Vertical Lift Loader Arm Design

Toro exclusive vertical lift loader arms increases load capacity and greater reach at full height deliver even stronger performance.

206 cm Hinge Pin Height

206 cm hinge pin height allows attachments to easily clear the side of 23 m² dumpsters or 1,000 kg trucks.

487.6 kg Rated Operating Capacity

Rated operating capacity 487.6 kg allows the TX 1000 to lift more than any compact utility loader on the market.

High Drive Track System

Endless Kevlar® reinforced tracks ensure maximum strength and durability. It’s ideal for the demands of any jobsite to outperform on any surface, even sand or loose gravel. Maximum manoeuvrability on uneven surfaces.

Exclusive Traction Control Design

Exclusive patent-pending traction control design is intuitive, easy to operate, and effortless.

Dedicated Operating Platform

Dedicated operating platform with thigh and hip padding for increased operator comfort. Suspended platform has clear line of sight to the attachment plate, machine and jobsite for maximum visibility.

Engine 1300 cc Kubota® D1305 three cylinder, liquid cooled, diesel 18.5 kW (24.8 hp)
Track Sprocket-drive, 6 road wheels per side. The tracks are Kevlar reinforced, endless rubber rings with 37 internal drive lugs. The outer tread on the tracks is a turf friendly S-shaped pattern with pitched crosscuts.
Track Traction Dual hydrostatic pump
Track Width 24.1 cm
Wheelbase 104.1 cm
Fuel Capacity 41.64 litres
Ground Speed 7.6 km/h
Hydraulic System Hydraulic Pressure: 3,000 PSI

Traction: 50.35 l/min (11.1 gpm imperial) each pump

Auxiliary: 57.5 l/min (12.7 gpm imperial)

Dimensions Length: 256 cm with bucket, 208.3 cm without bucket

Width: 102.9 cm

Height: 138.1 cm

Maximum Operating Height 267.2 cm
Hinge Pin Height 206 cm
Dump Height 154.9 cm
Dump Angle 40-degrees
Reach – Fully Raised 62.5 cm
Weight 1,265.52 kg
Tip Capacity (As per SAE J732) 1,393 kg
Rated Operating Capacity (35% of Tip Capacity) As per SAE J818 487.6 kg
Ground Pressure (Traction unit only) 3.6 PSI
Warranty* 2 years/1000 hours limited warranty

*See your certified Toro dealer for full details on warranties.

Images may not reflect dealer inventory or unit specifications.


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