Date:  30th March 2015

Log splitters are an important piece of equipment for any farm. They help you split logs with ease and at a much faster rate compared to the use of regular axes. The fact that they are powerful also makes them useful for when you need to split logs that have many knots in them, since this is usually very difficult when you use an axe. However, it’s important to note that the power that such splitters have is a double edged sword. They might make it easier to split a large number of logs in a short time, but they can also be very dangerous when not properly used. Some of the safety measures you can take to reduce injury or decapitation when using a log splitter include:

Don’t have too many people operating the splitter at the same time

Most of the accidents that occur when using log splitters occur on account of more than one person using the splitter at the same time, increasing the confusion associated with the process. Most log splitters are designed in such a manner that one person can use it effectively, but they can be aided by one or two other people. In such cases, it is important to make sure that the roles of everyone in the area be defined. For instance, only one person should have the role of switching on the machine, and they should only do this when the rest of the crew is more than 10 feet away from the machine.

Have a safety radius around the machine when in operation

It’s common to find other people around the machine to watch how it works. In such cases, such bystanders should be kept at a minimum of 20 feet from the machine. This way, in case of any mishap, they will be well out of reach.

Use the machine on a level surface

Before switching on the machine, make sure that it’s on a level surface, even if it’s sloping. This is important since it prevents any irregular vibrations that could result in either damage to the splitter, loss of control or injury to the bystanders. In addition to that, you may also need to block any extra movement of the machine when in operation by locking it in the vertical or the horizontal position. A measure as simple as putting a block in front and behind the splitter’s tiers might go a long way to prevent any injury.

Check the manual before operating it

If you are operating the splitter for the first time, make a point of thoroughly going through the manual before doing so. Some of the information you need to take note of includes:

  • The conditions under which you should use the splitter (which includes how you should modify the surroundings).
  • The type of safety gear you should get (typically includes goggles, reinforced boots and heavy duty gloves.)
  • How to perform basic functions including changing the oil or fuelling the machine.

Once all the above pointers have been followed, you will have a better chance of using the log splitter without the risk of any serious injury to yourself or to bystanders.


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