Date:  30th March 2015

It is hard to fully understand the different types of trencher sizes without first taking a look at the different trencher classifications available. In other words one must first know how different a digging trench is from a pipe laying trench. The list of trenches is of course a long one with new trenchers unveiled almost every year.

Apart from the already mentioned trenches there are cable laying trenches, drainage trenchers and so on. The classifications may seem complicated for a layman but they aren’t. Understanding different trencher sizes is actually more confusing that understanding the available classifications. Size as you will find out, often depends on the depth and width that one will need for a project. It does not end there. Trencher sizes can be divided into three main categories – large trenchers, ride on trenchers and walk behind trenchers.

Large trenchers

Large trenchers are as the name suggests, large. That means they are also powerful. Most trenchers under this category can easily reach down to 3 feet with ease. Some can even go up to 5 feet. Most rental yards have 10’’ or 12’’ wide chains. Some boast of large trenchers on wheels. Your best bet is to find out how demanding your project is and go for a trencher that will make your work easier.

Then note that though large trenchers are available at heavy duty and earth moving rental yards, it takes some time and effort for one to understand how the trenchers work and to operate them. That is in fact why most rental yards will not hire a trencher without asking a few questions like who will operate the trencher and how skilled or qualified the operator is. It is easy to understand why such concerns often crop up when hiring large trenchers. The extra cost of damages caused by trenchers operated by unskilled operators could be much higher than the simple damaged caused by a skilled operator.

Ride on trenchers

They are also large. Some are in fact larger than the already mentioned large trenchers. They often come in handy when installations are too wide, too long or too deep. They feature attachments that allow them to remove dirt, dig trenches, replace dirt or push products into the ground. They are mostly used for sewer piping, telecommunications, fiber optics and natural gas.

Ride on trenchers also feature smaller subcategories such as small ride on trenchers which are mostly used for residential needs. Most small ride on trenchers can easily unearth the ground from 50 to about 200 ft.

Walk behind trenchers

They provide a wide range of solutions for different trenching applications. They are usually smaller compared to the two trencher sizes discussed above. Most can dig up to 36 inches deep. That makes them ideal for simple tasks at home in areas like sideways, near fences, garden and driveways. One downside with walk behind trenchers is their propensity to break down when one least expects. With that in mind, be sure to buy or hire walk behind trenchers from reputable brands!


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